Friday, April 24, 2009


Whipped and Gagged: Is government spending obscene? Well, it paid to train S&M filmmakers.

Talk about an economic stimulus. California taxpayers have paid $46,791 so that employees of the San Francisco pornographer might produce more perfect web-based depictions of motorized dildo impalements on; do a better job displaying women as they're bound, gagged, and repeatedly electrically shocked on; and more effectively transmit images of, well, people doing pretty much what you'd imagine they'd be doing on

That's right: California's government has been subsidizing torture-based pornography. The subsidy has been routed through the California Employment Training Panel (ETP), an agency set up to make state businesses more competitive with foreign and out-of-state ones by paying contractors who train in-state workers., famous to San Franciscans as the pornographer that not long ago bought the massive former Armory building in the Mission District, received its training through the Bay Area Video Coalition, a Mission nonprofit that provides classes in video and multimedia technology.


I think the part that annoys is that porn is supposedly the one thing that does make money on its own via the internet. What's with the subsidy here? Smells like good connections to me...until it was made public.

We shall see...