Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olbermann on Obama's FISA Fuckup

"Olbermann Scolds Obama Over FISA, but Offers the Senator Ways to Redeem Himself"


I like most of the opinions held and given voice by Olbermann. The guy says some really great stuff from time to time. If he has a political opinion with which I would disagree I haven't heard it yet, but there is this one thing...

He seems to think that if the Democrats win a landslide election that everything will somehow "auto-magically" get better for the USA. As if the Dems weren't up to their eyeballs in corporate funding and favors that must be paid back. As if Obama wasn't basically just politics as usual. Etc.

Olbermann is certainly anti-GOP and I can't disagree with that at all. But I am far more lukewarm on the Dems than is Olbermann. Olbermann comes across as fairly enthusiastic about the Dems while simultaneously kicking them in the balls anyway.

Personally, I just don't trust any political party really. And that's the point Olbermann was making by referencing George Washington.

So why the enthusiasm, Keith? Just kick them in the balls and be done with it.