Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain's Empty Head

Sirota has many more deeply intelligent comments to make on this here:

The good news is that the economic debate is largely leaving McCain in the dust. The Treasury Department has been shamed into buying bank stock, after bailout opponents and world leaders demanded such a course. The problem is that Henry Paulson is still insisting on trying to forge a giveaway to his Wall Street buddies.

For example, Paulson is insisting on only buying nonvoting shares of banks. As the New York Times reports, "That means the banks’ current boards and current management — the same people who got the country into this mess — will still be making all of the decisions." Additionally, Paulson is only buying preferred shares that get a 5 percent interest return for taxpayers - a far lower rate than a private businessman would get in driving a hard bargain (for instance, Warren Buffett got 10 percent when he recently invested in Goldman Sachs).



I don't love Obama. I'm voting for him anyway because I think his becoming president has meta-meaning that is useful going forward. I hope that Obama will reform many of his stated policies about war, intervention abroad, the economy and a whole bunch of other issues. Obama is not nearly left or progressive enough for me to squarely get behind the man.

But I don't know what explains this moron McCain. Instead of standing on his record of service to the people of Arizona all he does is run an attack campaign. When he manages to make some kind of meaningful utterances, he's talking utter empty-headed bullshit.

And everyone knows this.

So, here's my prediction: a huge turnout of progressives and Democrats for Obama - the only candidate they could possibly vote for under the circumstances. And the Rethugs stay home in droves.

Because that's what they do. When they can't get their way - like petulant children - they just stay in, withhold their votes and sulk about how they aren't the kings and queens of the universe.