Monday, May 11, 2009

GOP on Healthcare: Revenge!

With no public support and with health insurers actually at the negotiating table, the GOP has decided to stick to its obstructionist ways and sought the advice of Frank Luntz to stop healthcare reform. Luntz is a spin-doctor that comes up with rhetorical devices used to shift public opinion in specific ways. Luntz has drafted a memo for the GOP on the subject of healthcare reform and that memo has been leaked here:

It's pretty good reading. And yes, the whole point does seem to be to obstruct the inevitable. By dragging down healthcare reform the GOP once again positions itself as the party of irrelevance.

We're going to have to put the GOP down at some point. It can't be saved and it's kicking and screaming all the way to its own slow demise. A very poor showing, all in all. I hoped for some dignity from the party exhibiting so much bravado over the decades.

The GOP now shows its truest self: the whiny, colicky baby.