Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breaking: David Carradine Was Killed By Kung Fu Assassins!!!

Was Carradine killed by kung fu assassins?

David Carradine was killed because he was investigating kung fu crime lords, his family have suggested.


Some secrets should just stay secret I guess. Yes, we have reached the *WTF* moment in this week's episode...

Or maybe Carradine really did just die of auto-erotic asphyxia while wearing lingerie, stockings and a wig. It happens.

For some reason there's no glory in masturbating yourself to death with a rope around your neck and genitals. But if Carradine had died banging some gorgeous Hollywood broad there'd be back-slapping aplenty in the press even as I write this.

Solo sex is shameful. However, dying with some woman at the end of your cock is Über-Macho. Good to know...

Nitey night, Kwai Chang Caine.