Monday, October 12, 2009

The "Why" of Obama

Why is Obama seemingly all things to all people? Well, that's sort of how he won the election...

While "Junior" was in office, there was absolutely no point in hoping for anything. We were just waiting out the time until he left office. Oh, how we waited!

And then Obama entered from the left and he was talking the talk. The guy is one smooth talker, like a televangelist with his message of "HOPE" for the world of tomorrow. Obama talks the talk that resonates in the ear of leftists and progressives. At the time of his candidacy Obama was saying that if he had the White House and the Dems controlled congress we could end the wars, stop torturing our pretended enemies, get single payer health care and reform the banking industry and the financial services sector too.

But once Obama was in office it was back to the endless prevarications and back-peddling that we have all come to expect from the average politician. It could be that monied interests and their endless lobbyists have a stranglehold on the federal legislature. In D.C., it's supposedly six lobbyists to each congress critter, and that's just for the health care lobby! It's even possible that the entrenched power of the now mortally wounded GOP is still sufficient to the task of hobbling Obama's every effort toward achieving a true progressive agenda. Because the GOP is the party of "No." And "Yes," we get that part of it.

So why do we still believe in this guy? Why bother to "HOPE"?

Because Obama has very carefully positioned himself as the center of all things political. Because Obama's is the party of "MAYBE."