Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Prez One Year On...

Shit, does it have to be said?

Obama is toast on every front. Everything he promised is gone. Yes, we have some few incremental victories for which we can congratulate ourselves - as if those small successes even matter when we are losing the thread of any real, substantive "change."

Progressives are of one mind on this matter. Everyone is noting how weak the President has been on every issue of substance. The 1% are getting bailed out while the average citizen can't even get the same safety net enjoyed by every other western nation in the form of a single-payer or national health care system.

The bailout is particularly shameful. Not only are those corporations NOT too big to fail, but the idiots running the show by their own admissions this last week are know-nothing, brain-dead zombies to a man. Why in the fuck are we saving these bastards from the trash-heap of failed business men? We should be setting fire to those motherfuckers and their institutions!

Obama's message remains "hope." That's all you're gonna get from Obama: hope, but no change. A vain fantasy from a smooth-talking snake.

Go Team America!

Pardon me while the powers that be squeeze every last drop of blood from this turnip.