Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health-Care Lawsuits "Unlikely to Succeed"

Read about it here:

"This claim of power by Congress under the commerce clause goes beyond any claim that has been upheld by the Supreme Court in the past," Barnett said in a phone interview. "Congress has never mandated that private individuals enter into a contract with a private company."

Barnett drew a distinction between the health-insurance mandate and laws compelling the purchase of auto insurance. Such regulations are enacted by states, not the federal government, and regulate the act of choosing to drive, he said.


I just wanted to note that I am not alone in recognizing that there is something very odd about this new mandate. What I find kind of funny is that I am on the side of the naysayers in this regard even though I actually support health care reform that would ultimately be even more far-reaching than anything they could ideologically tolerate.

I support at minimum a public option. I would prefer a single payer system. When I dream of things that will never happen I truly want a national health service.

But this particular issue puts me on the side of the GOP naysayers because I think this supposed "health care reform" that we've been given is actually just a big fucking corporate giveaway. Cost containment is nowhere to be found. Millions will continue to go uncovered altogether.

This bill is still a sham.