Friday, September 26, 2008

No Deal!

No Agreement was reached last night despite reports that much had been agreed to in principle. The GOP is deeply divided because Republicans have to distance themselves from Bush's disastrous policies or be tarred with them come election time.

Do you suppose that the people will easily forget this kind of fiasco in just a little over a month?

The Democrats need to step up with economic recommendations that are good for Main Street. They must enact progressive measures or lose their best window of opportunity until next year. They could wait until the election, but who can really say how that will shake out given the state of voter fraud and the number of rigged Diebold machines.

Plan B is certainly to just wait to handle all of this once the next President takes office. I don't see the need to rush into anything dreadfully stupid at this point.

The next President is inheriting the biggest shit sandwich the world has ever seen. That's why I keep thinking we need another FDR, someone with vision that can motivate people in the right direction.

And as I have said before, all of this may take more than one term to correct. It might even take a generation.