Monday, September 29, 2008

Right-Center-Left. Oh, Wait - there is no left!

You know, I communicate with people from many walks of life via the internet. One of the things that surprises me constantly is the jingoistic adherence to words like "Leftist," or "Marxist" or even phrases like "they hate America." One usually hears this kind of thing from "dittoheads" that listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and mistake his brand of entertainment for the facts of things.

Well, I'd like to set the record straight on something about American politics: there is no left. What socialist aspects of American government there are exist as the only checks in a system heavily tilted in favor of wild west style capitalism. And with the bailout being contemplated you can see where that leads: corporate welfare at the highest levels and at the most offensive cost.

The Grand Old Party is certainly the right. Their's is the party of corporate cock-sucking fascism. The Democrats actually take the center position. From an international perspective, I'd say the Democrats were actually just right of center and not the true middle. At the possible left are the many disenfranchised, tiny political groups that represent more progressive viewpoints. Many of these fractious splinter groups maintain what would on an international scale be seen as left positions, but they also do not collectively represent any kind of coherent left. The views of such people are rarely if ever discussed in major media nor are their views any significant part of public debate. In our two party system, with one group at the right and the other group near the center it's absurd to talk about the center group as being the "left." The Democrats are hardly Marxist, socialists, nor do they appear to hate America any more so than the Republicans who have of late been so willing to decimate our Constitutional safeguards.

I mean sure, as compared to the extreme right - anything left of that position is to the left, but that doesn't make it thee left. See what I mean? Simply being left of fascism might be a perfectly reasonable, non-leftist viewpoint.

There is no left in American politics, none that matters at any rate.

What we really have is fascism and near-fascism.