Thursday, September 25, 2008

"The Poison Pill" @

Anyway, the point of this second piece is not the ‘bailout’ itself but the ‘poison pill’ it represents. If the Dems enact this without Republican support, they will be beaten over the head for ‘wasting’ the public’s money.
If they enact it with Republican Support, the ‘party’ will claim that those politicians weren’t ‘true’ Republicans…just like they claim Bush isn’t ‘one of them’.
If the Dems grow a gonad and refuse to pass this legislation…and the economy ‘tanks’ as promised, the Rethugs will claim the Dems ‘blew’ their only chance to ‘save’ the economy.
This is a classic example of a ‘heads I win, tails, you lose!’ sort of proposition.



That's a favorite blog that I often read. Once again, very shrewd commentary on the current "crisis" and the political dynamics at play. The Republicans fuck it up and the Democrats take the fall. Maybe they really are the same party after all.

Do note how GOP members are trying to back away from this thing like it was radioactive.