Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Selling the Stimulus

A collection of three videos:


Obama always speaks well. He shows that yet again. Some of it is overly simplified and therefore ambiguous. But I hear him saying "...from the bottom up" and I just have to smile.

Maddow is deeply intelligent as always. She dogs her subject and never veers off course while continually appearing to be the very soul of congeniality. Ultimately, she is wickedly cruel - but so charming that it cannot possibly be held against her.

William Greider does a good job of telling it like it is. Obama and the Dems must make a true choice. I have heard that Obama owes much to individual contributions of mere dollars and that he therefore owes far less to the usual lobbying interests that normally own politicians. The question is quite simple: who does Obama serve? He cannot have two masters.

Has Obama chosen to go down in history as the man that turned it around or will he stay pat at the mere color of his skin?