Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Let's Just Say It: We're Scared Someone's Going to Try to Kill Barack Obama

MSNBC just aired video of a man with a pistol strapped to his leg waiting for Barack Obama to arrive at a townhall in New Hampshire...The man is carrying a sign that says, "It Is Time to Water the Tree of Liberty." That's a reference to a Thomas Jefferson quote: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants." ...Now, this guy is carrying a legal weapon, says NBC News' Ron Allen. The local chief of police has no objections. Open carriage of licensed handguns is legal in New Hampshire, and the man is standing on the private property of a nearby church (!) that has no problem with an armed man hanging around.


Who was that gun-toting anti-Obama protester?

...Kostric insisted his intentions were peaceful, and that he's not affiliated with Birther groups...But at least one of those statements doesn't seem to be true. A right-wing activist named "William Kostric," who's left a lot of footprints around the Web, is listed as a "team member" of the Arizona chapter of We the People, the far-right group best known for joining a lawsuit challenging Obama's right to be president based on his not being a U.S. citizen. Kostric told MSNBC he recently moved from Arizona to New Hampshire...


Wow, another GOP "Moran."

When I chose a portion of the famous quote for the name of this blog the Jeffersonian concept I was trying to champion was that of a government that feared its people enough to respect and do right by them.

Jefferson was a modern man. He was a renaissance man in the best sense of the word. He was a keen observer, an incredible statesman, a gifted man of words, a farmer and architect, a lover of good food and gash-hound and many more things besides. Jefferson favored intellect over violence, but he could also back up his words with a thrown fist if he needed to.

Jefferson can most easily be compared to a modern liberal or progressive once you really dig deep into his political philosophy. I think Jefferson meant for his fiery words to stand as a reminder to those in positions of power and affluence that people of lesser means are perfectly capable of defending their own turf when and if push comes to shove.

In other words, Jefferson's words are meant as a means of forestalling actual violence as long as everyone recognizes that violence is always available as a means of resolving political conflict. It is not the preferred method of political change among gentlepersons, but it is always there as the most obvious and resolute of threats.

I voted for Obama. I am also severely disappointed in him. That doesn't mean I now seek his blood because of my altered perspective on the man. Civilized people don't think or act that way. We wait for the political process to resolve our problems for us. Sometimes time alone is all that is needed.

I didn't like Bush Jr. at all, but I never contemplated violence against him or my government. Violence has to be the solution of last resort. I may talk a good game of revolution but while nearly 50% of the population disagrees with me now is not yet the time. When things are truly bad more people will tend to agree with the need for change by whatever means necessary.

My patience for the political and economic changes I think need to occur has worn very thin indeed, but there must be a peaceful way to achieve those ends before violence becomes necessary.

At least, that is my hope.

We can't have come this far only to let ourselves be ruled by the sword at the moment of crisis. But the people in power would do every well to remember that a fear biting dog will attack if it feels provoked.

More and more Joe and Jane Sixpack have their backs up against the wall.

When change becomes necessary, change will occur. That's not a threat, it's the biggest take-away one gets from observing history.

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