Friday, August 14, 2009

Congress-Critters Actually Insane!


What the fuck more can be said here? These asshats don't know what they support - or is it merely an issue of when they supported it? It's pretty hard not to imagine, as Olbermann suggests, that these fuck-wits subsequently get calls from their corporate puppet-masters and told what to do after they fuck up by actually trying to do their jobs and serve their constituents.

Health Insurance Industry Lobbyist: "I gave you money - you will suck my dick! Do a retraction, a 180, whatever...!"

And than there's Arianna Huffington...

Huffington is the consummate opportunist, no doubt. But that's no reason to reject her astute opinions on issues of the day. In this Olbermann segment she skewers Obama's namby pamby political bullshit.

Obama can't get shit done because the position he negotiates from is ruinously centrist from the start. He has no room for compromise, so he just loses ground every fucking time!