Monday, August 3, 2009

What’s a home garden worth?

So, if we consider that our out-of-pocket costs were $282 and the total value generated was $2431, that means we had a return on investment of 862%.


The Slow Food movement asks us to determine for ourselves the true value and meaning of food. For me, making better food choices means making this a better world, it means less oil was used to make and transport my food, it means fewer animals suffered to satisfy my palette and that we have a new way of sticking it to the man by taking a revolutionary stand against the grotesque consumerism that characterizes the 21st century American.

Don't buy it. Make it. Grow it. Catch it. Gather it. Experience it. Share it.

Real value is never found in dollar notation.

We can be more than mere ghosts of the modern age drifting through media-blitzed shopping malls in search of the next consumerist bliss-point.

We can be human beings.