Friday, September 4, 2009

Mass Media Heroes:
Maddow, Olbermann, Franken


That's right, Obama. We'll fucking replace your cowardly ass.

Notice how Franken actually talks sensibly to a mob of people opposing his views. I do see a candidate as beholden to the will of his constituency, but I do also agree that they must vote in a candidate that is capable of discerning what that "will" actually happens to be. You could almost see that woman's jaw drop in the clip, but Franken's response is spot on. One could almost hear his side bar thoughts: "I am doing the will of the 80%, you tea-bagger types are so egregiously misinformed that you don't actually have either a reasoned nor a coherent viewpoint that anyone could actually represent."

The other day on HuffPo a wingnut posted something like:
"No socialized medicine! Don't touch my Medicare!"

Well, which way do you want it, buddy? Catch a fucking clue.