Friday, September 4, 2009

New Blog Title...

Okay, I've settled on this one. And yes, I am throwing my hat into the ring. Soon I shall announce the policies, foreign and domesticate, that shall form my platform. When next you enter into a voting booth, ask yourself this simple question:

"Is this person worthy of my vote?"

We are abso-fucking-lutely through the looking glass on this one, Alice. I can see the death of this country written on the walls. I can see the United States taking its place among the many "also ran" countries that were finally toppled, teetering under the heavy weight of their own corporatist, oligarchical bullshit.

You have to be able to vote FOR someone who will actually do something; and not just vote against the asshole the opposition is running.

Let's be honest: that's how we ended up with this house negro Obama. We voted against McCain and a continuance of the policies of the Bush administration. The legacy of that decision is that Obama has co-signed and thereby effectively enshrined many of the failed policies of the former president. He has pointedly made 180 degree turns on the very things he claimed during his campaign for president. We have been lied to again. And again. And again. The fucker is 98% Cheney.

The answer to your voting booth question has to be a resounding "Yes!"