Friday, November 7, 2008

About 50 Percent Bigots!

The saddest thing about American politics is the Republican party.

During this last election cycle there wasn't any significant attempt to quash the bigoted agendas of many party members. The Republicans actually intended to use that bigoted rage to get out the vote for their side of things. It wasn't until McCain's concession speech that he ever laid down the law on making peace with the winner of the election - you know, the black American that was called a terrorist, a Muslim, and a Marxist during the entire Republican campaign. Not all of those things had to be true; but enough people had to believe them so that just maybe some lonely nut-job would just go ahead and kill the opposition. Hey, it's one way to win an election.

So, these crazy ass bigoted windbags were kept loose and vocal on purpose! The media covered it and no one did anything. There was some small talk about the secret service looking into it, but I have my doubts on that one. Of course, now it's the full time job to protect that black American. Maybe the secret service will wish they had done more before the big win.

This bigoted aspect of Republican politics really should amaze everyone. But it won't for the simple reason that such people actually represent about half of the U.S. population.

How do I know this? How can I make such a bald assertion apparently absent any hard facts?

Actually, the facts are there. The gay marriage bans are proposed in the full light of day - bans that effectively institutionalize bigotry. It's impossible that anyone really cares what other people do in the privacy of their own homes; but it's still there - a catch all kind of hatred against the supposed "others" that live among us. It's just another way to whip up the vote. Maybe you won't come out to vote McCain, but you might if you have to stop the gays from taking over your once precious Christian culture.

If they can't make you hate everyone else, maybe they can get you to hate just some of them. It's useful to have enemies right here at home. It's a useful part of accepted political rhetoric on the far right of the spectrum.

And so it goes.