Thursday, November 6, 2008

Red to Blue

I used to look at the election maps and wonder how and why so many people voted red. Here's a gross generalization:

Republicans are of two kinds: wealthy, bigoted WASPs; and other conservatives that are willing to vote against their own economic interests in order to favor their extreme religious views.

So why are the reds going blue and seemingly all of a sudden?

The answer is so simple and obvious. Look at John McCain. I mean really, seriously look at him. Do you see it? No one likes to talk about it, but it's there. Painfully there.


He's going to die a lot sooner than most of us. The red vote is losing it's foundational base of voters to death. Everyone else is either moderately religious or even more sensibly agnostic.

They said the youth vote was instrumental in tipping the scales for Obama and the Democrats. Don't they really mean that older folks simply died and were no longer counted?

I give the world to those that inherit it!