Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election 2008: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Well, Obama is going to get his shot at fixing things. The country is currently one big shit sandwich and he gets the first big bite of it. I worry that he is far too centrist to be the change we "HOPE" for. The Obama win was the best possible result, but my faith in the Democratic party has been shaken too frequently to have anything to show for it but an internal sea of doubt that fills my mind to the brim. I do believe that Obama is an intelligent, skilled politician capable of making all the right moves - but whether he will remains the open question. He's going to be hearing a lot of from naysayers and he's going to have to turn that around to make the big win. It's worth noting that Obama will have a significantly "blue" congress to back him up. Can he make it happen? Will he move further to the left to make the changes that are so necessary?

Speaking of congress...when I see this election result I wonder about folks like Nancy Pelosi. I am extremely angry that the Democrats didn't push much harder for a) a much earlier departure timetable on Iraq and b) the impeachment of Bush and criminal charges against many members of his administration. At the same time I have to recognize that maybe she very aptly and very cynically played the perfect hand to a big blue victory for 2008. In truth, I am still too angry to accord her that kind of shrewd, Machiavellian victory - but perhaps she deserves it. I hope it serves us well because it was bought at the price of real human blood and misery.

I am extremely disappointed in the people of California, Arizona and Florida that decided to institutionalize prejudice by making gay marriage a subject of continuing controversy. We are a country of majority rule with minority rights. Get with the program, you are all looking very backward today.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my pride in Californians recognizing the rights of livestock to decent lives before they are sent to the slaughterhouse. We need to see a new day in food production; a new day that will bring with it sustainable ranch to farm rotations as pioneered by the likes of Polyface Farm and as documented by Michael Pollan in his book "The Omnivore's Dilemma." Two links:

The future of food is slow and sustainable. Eat it!