Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Blue Dog" Dems?

Okay, now - seriously - what the fucking hell is a "blue dog" Democrat?

Democrats are the party at the center, so if there is something more centrist than that I guess it's midpoint from the true center toward the extreme right.

And you know what? That shit is not going to help us out of this jam. This new bailout/TRAP/whatever plan is an epic fail. Too little, far too late. And with tax cuts out the ass, it simply makes no sense.

If I get to keep $1000 in taxes do you know what I won't be doing with it? Spending it on shit I don't need. A rich man will spend even less because he needs nothing at all.

I have seen the future - a possible future - and it looks just like this:

People need jobs. And more than a mere 3 million at that. We need to create more than just the jobs that have been officially lost already. We need to bolster the economy after 8 years of calamitous bullshit that has left people so far out of reach that they are no longer even counted. We need to create more jobs than what would have been part of a natural expansion in the economy had things progressed better than at present. The local economies range from 9-14% unemployment officially - that's actually a good deal worse in reality because the numbers of the uncounted unemployed and under-employed probably double those percentages.

We should be aiming to create 10 million jobs and then be satisfied to have created only 7 or 8 million instead.

[Edit: You know, I was being far too optimistic when I wrote this yesterday. I think the numbers under Bush were wildly manipulated to reflect whatever the White House criminals wanted it to reflect. I'm not going to run the numbers like an expert, I'm just going to claim that moderate job growth grows at a rate of 2% per annum, or 3-4 million jobs a year. Over 8 Years time that's 24-32 million jobs that need to be created on top of the ones we are shedding like crazy right now. What that means is that the bullshit stimulus plan that is being argued over is really quite weak even if it meets its goals. We need much more than that. And I think an absolutely necessary part of the equation will be some kind of single payer healthcare or universal medicare. That would put people to work and make us more attractive to manufacturers who don't want to hassle over bennies.]

These fucking politicians are haggling at numbers with the death of the status quo at stake. You know, I might do very well after a bloody revolution sweeps across this land. My head will not end up on a pike, as has been repeated throughout history. Up until now it's just been peaceful demonstrations that have been turned into riots by cops wearing riot gear and firing into crowds with rubber bullets. Soon we shall have true riots where the people are actually armed and motherfucking dangerous. The cops that even try to stop that will not fare very well. We haven't seen true riots in this country to know any better.

Dear Dems - stop trying to appease the wrong quarter, the GOP will never budge an inch anyway. You should fear your constituency more. When they get hungry enough, the blood of tyrants will overfill our sewers.

I love peace. I'd rather that never happened and that a peaceful solution could be found out of this mess. The sacrifices cannot all come from the bottom of society this time. When I hear of $18 billion of bonuses on Wall Street again this year I know that the people at the bottom are getting ferociously angry.

This may not end well...