Friday, January 16, 2009

Wartime Obama-Ade!

Afghani Quagmire


Doubling U.S. troops in Afghanistan is wildly unintelligent. I am pretty sure that most votes for Obama were more substantially votes against McCain who is certainly in the mold of a neocon war god. We absolutely voted against the continuance of war in Iraq and I am pretty sure that it wasn't because we thought a war in Afghanistan was some brilliant alternative to that. So what advantage is now being revealed in Obama's policies? Not much of one in my view.

Yup, "continuity we can believe in"...utterly pathetic in terms of leadership. Does Obama have any ideas that don't provide taxpayer subsidized handouts to the military industrial complex, wall street, or his corporate supporters? Is there any chance he's actually going to put forward some progressive policies?

For more of the same bullshit we could have voted for anybody else.