Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama: Drunk With Power


And here's Glenn Greenwald on the same stuff with the same video content:

Keith Olbermann's scathing criticism of Obama's secrecy/immunity claims


Olbermann reports on how Obama is now performing and defending the same actions for which he criticized Bush Jr. It's an appalling about face to the peace movement to see how the secrecy and the warmongering continues with a Prez who rode in on a mandate to end the secrecy and the wars of the previous resident of the oral office.

Obama is breaking promises and we must take him to task for it.

I don't quite believe that we have ended the torture, we've just moved it out of sight of public scrutiny and denunciation. Why the careful legal moves otherwise? Power for the sake of power, or power because it has motives? You choose. It stinks either way...

End the wars! End the secrecy and hidden torture!

Bring back the light! Bring back our civil liberties!

I stand firm on my right to privacy.

Fuck you, Obama!