Wednesday, April 1, 2009

War = Oversees Contingency Operation

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Redefinition Accomplished
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Obama is just another warmongering, sniveling ass. Be warned. The newspeak continues...

Toxic assets = legacy assets.

Good fucking god!

Rachel Maddow has a different take on it all:


But Rachel...

Do you really suppose that fiscal accountability really means anything in an era of multi-trillion dollar spending on the economic crisis? The fed is spending money we don't even know about and doing so accountable to no one. Doesn't that give the fed power over our monetary system to make or break it as they see fit?

Money no longer has an actual tangible meaning. One of the problems we are faced with is the need to find something of real value.

I am reminded of the scene in Lawrence of Arabia when Audar says: "I must find something honourable." Of the few things depicted in the film we know that Audar finds both gold and arabian horses to be honorable.

And so it was, once upon a time, in this country.