Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weapon of Choice

When the people get uppity, they have the problem of deciding on their weapon of choice. I am hearing cries for pitchforks which may have been fed to the populace by Obama himself. Perhaps Obama is forgetting that the citizenry of the U.S. represents one of the most well-armed populations on earth. We are armed to the teeth. Pitchforks? Hardly...

We will see blood in the streets unless the powers that be can find a quick, peaceful solution to the problems they have created. They are going to discover that a nation weened on gun shows and how to modify semi-autos into full auto mode aren't going to go quietly if at all. There will be hell to pay.

So no, it won't be pitchforks. It will be guns.

And the most democratic weapon of all looks something like this:

People collectively feed undesirables into this device. Bodies come out one side, heads on the other. It is a machine designed to sift life from flesh. In a pinch, even a simple axe will serve.

I urge the elite to ask themselves if they have anything that can stand up to millions of people armed to the teeth with guns and sifting machines. Time is against you.

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