Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great Quote From Unknown Speaker

I once heard a devastating, pithy quote that went something like this:

"Capitalism is legalized, economic warfare against the poor."

It was years ago when I first heard it, knowing that its full meaning had yet to reveal itself. In the intervening years I have been unable to source the quote but I can easily imagine the kind of person who would have uttered such a statement for the first time.

I heard the quote from the mouth of someone that was obviously not the original speaker of those words. The person who repeated the quote to me is someone that clearly works for the other side - the side of the greedy bastards that always want more. But hey, he's well paid to be on that side and that justifies everything in our world. And given that reality, I can't fault him.

But think about those words. Let them live in you for a few years and you shall see that these words have both a destructive but also a transformative force to them.

You shall know the truth of it in time.