Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Healthcare: Grease Up, 'Cuz Here It Comes...!

Two weeks ago I said this:
"Any plan that mandates that citizens must buy insurance from private insurers is a giveaway just like mandatory auto liability insurance. And the waste and enormous expense of healthcare will continue to escalate under such a reworked version of the status quo."

And now it looks like that's what we're going to get. A big fucking giveaway that keeps the death and sickness profiteers in business.

Let's be clear about one thing: doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. all have very difficult jobs requiring actual brains and unique expertise that in the U.S. is both difficult and expensive to come by. They deserve to be well paid because it's not a free ride to pursue one of those careers. They do their best and despite that fact nature often takes its own course anyway. In the end everybody dies. Health care workers are there to fix what they can, and more generally, to hand-hold and ease the pain when there is no remedy. My hat is off to them all!

By contrast, the health insurers have no legitimate work that they do whatsoever. We don't even need that industry between us and the people that truly do deserve to be well paid for their tireless hours trying to help the rest of us. The health insurers are vampires sucking the blood from our veins and the marrow from our bones.

We don't want to prolong their careers with the legal mandate that every individual must now buy health insurance from those bloated leeches!

Let's end their careers right now with single payer instead.