Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Posts at HuffPo


chewmin68 said:

I think what many US citizens do not realize is that our financial institutions, corporations, etc., have no loyalty to the United States. The world is global, and with enhancements in communications and technology, they would be stupid to care about any country, except of course the latent wealth of many US citizens who are totally bushwacked in thinking the US is something other than a global marketplace. Those US citizens are still there for the fleecing, and the elite let no opportunity to fleece go untouched. We are going to 3rd world standard soon. And the billions of people on this planet that let a few steal their laobr and wealth seem to continue to live in dumb complacency. If you read human history, it has always been this way, and from what I see, always will be.

I have tried to do the right thing. Long term job with benefits and pension, savings for my future. My pension went to PBSC, soon to become bankrupt, my health insurance? . None for years. The modest home, small mortgage, big downpayment? Only owe little, but no job, old, no work for older workers. I did the right thing alright. I made it possible for the rulers, the few of the wealth base to take my dreams and my life. I bought into this joke. No party represents me. Obama is a big disappointment. I now know who the government is for, and it's not the majority of the people.


Then ThinkDeeper1 said:

This is one of the most insightful posts I've read concerning this article so far today. I've been proclaiming this for several years and my words have only fallen on deaf ears.

All the false patriotism, racial and gender arguments, are just a deceptive front to hide the real perilous issues facing America. In reality, corporate leaders have no loyalty to America, no loyalty to any race or gender, no concern for the success of America's future. They are only loyal to greed and money. The color of capitalism is green, not white, black, brown or yellow.

If corporate America can keep the majority (middle class) fighting about race, gender, who's a real American versus a phony, which political party should be in office, etc, within 40 years America will be following the orders of another nation while living at a third world status.

Hint: The corporate elite pay huge sums of money to political pundits on the airwaves to keep us focused on the irrelevant, divisive, and hateful elements within our society while they pilferage the nation and ensure that they have enough money to move and live luxuriously anywhere in the world. Rush Limbaugh isn't filthy rich because his listeners send him checks. Rush, Sean, O'Reilly are all rich because of corporate sponsors, etc., in exchange for the great "snowball" job their doing on the middle class.

Who cares if you're a democrat or republican. There's too much corruption in all of our political parties.


I think we need more progressive measures. The two party system has failed us. Capitalist ideas about "free markets" are a myth told for the benefit of those at the top. The United States is and always has been a protectionist socialism for the elites. The elites craft the laws to benefit themselves. The law is nothing more than a rhetorical device to legitimize the outrageous favoritism skewed to the top 1%. In short, we are in the control of oligarchs and we are their chattel.

The Real Golden Rule is "He who has the gold makes the rules."