Monday, July 27, 2009

Why the Health Care Mandate Should Fail

Reason 1: It's a big fucking giveaway to a health insurance industry that not only doesn't need to be propped up, it has no legitimate reason for existing in the first place. Anything short of a single-payer plan is simply bullshit incrementalism.

Funny thing: after the bullshit bailout of Wall Street and handing over our economy to Goldman Sachs I feel considerable timidity at giving the health care insurers a blank check for reform. Call me crazy!

In tripping up health care reform the GOP, Blue Dogs, etc. supposedly hope to deliver a crushing blow to Obama for his radical "leftist" agenda.

I don't think so.

I think we may be on the verge of a true political revolution because people are sick of sending their public servants to D.C. to DO CERTAIN THINGS only to see those same politicians do SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD.

I think many supported Democrats because they were going to end the wars, regulate Wall Street, reform banking and lending practices and finally give us a federal health care plan that would put us on par with every other industrialized nation. It turns out that a lot of Democrats aren't intending to deliver on any of those things. From Obama on down, they talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk.

I "hoped" for change. Now I'm going to vote for real change by voting in third party candidates and true progressives.

Or I may vote with my feet and get the fuck off the sinking ship that is modern America.