Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Health care conflict exposes our pseudo-democracy

Posted by: Moonray on Jul 8, 2009 12:29 AM's_so_scary_about_offering_people_the_option_of_a_public_health_plan_/

What makes health care reform so tricky is that it threatens to expose, once and for all, that we Americans don't have much of a democracy after all. What we have is a corporate oligarchy that pretends to be a democracy by using staged elections to rubber-stamp establishment policies.

The Obama team and Congress have no intention of really reforming health care. Their corporate masters simply won't allow them to do that. But they have to PRETEND to reform health care in a manner that will provide some kind of cover to Democrats and Republicans. Thus, they are likely to come up a complicated, costly hodgepodge of plans that will change our health care system very little except to direct lots of tax dollars to the key players.

Once this happens -- and the deception invariably will be exposed -- Americans will have to make the hard choice of either accepting our enslavement to the corporations or considering difficult alternatives.


Based on all available evidence and as of the moment, I couldn't agree more.