Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Politics and Infidelity

Have I mentioned this yet?

I could give less than a rat's ass if some politician squirts inside some tart that isn't his wife. I don't care what politicians are doing with their cocks and cunts. I certainly don't want anyone to pay too much attention to what I am doing in that area of my life.

People need to get realistic about this matter. 60% of men in the general population cheat on their spouses. I think I saw 45% claimed somewhere for women in the same category. That's a lot of fucking and sucking of strange dick and strange pussy that's going on there.

And you think it's going to be somehow magically less that way among the people that actually possess a modicum of power in the world?

Let's face it, some guy is ball deep in some bimbo's twat right now as you read this. The opening line that won her heart was: "Baby, I make the call and we are at Defcon 1..."