Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care Reform and Politics

Republicans Will Be Toast in 2010 If the Dems Pass Health Reform, and They Know It


If President Barack Obama succeeds in signing a major health care reform bill into law -- one that provides a public plan for people currently priced out of the system -- he will achieve what at least three presidents before him had hoped for, and failed to do. And he will likely deprive the Republican minority in Congress from anything approaching a comeback in the 2010 midterm elections.

However, if health care reform does not pass early in Obama's term, the Democrats will likely face midterm elections amid rising unemployment figures with a record of having passed legislation characterized as "bailouts" for megabanks and large corporations -- bills whose benefits to the economy have little impact on the person who has already lost a job. So GOP leaders are focused like a laser beam on stopping health-care reform in its tracks.


...who hope to scare the American people into believing that Obama is un-American in the literal and figurative sense and that his health-care plan is just a nefarious scheme to remake America's mighty capitalist system into something foreign and evil.


And then Perry Logan said:

Not if it's a rotten plan

I figure it a little differently.

In case you hadn't noticed, Barack Obama is a seriously rotten President.

It stands to reason his health-care plan will be equally rotten.

If the Democrats' halfassed plan is implemented, both health care costs and taxes will rise and people won't get what they wanted. In the words of blogger Joe Cannon, the plan will become vastly unpopular.

At some point in the 2014-2020 period, a Republican congress will vote Obama's scheme out of existence. For decades afterward, conservatives will crow: "Well, we tried socialized medicine and it didn't work.'" :(


"Foreign and evil" is what American capitalism is right now. We are basically owned by the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans on the one side and substantially controlled by the European financial elite on the other side. If people are so clueless that they don't know as much as that then what's the point of comminuicating with them at all?

So yeah, thank you Nixon, Kissinger, and the Walton family of Walmart - we are now owned by your pals in China. Mission accomplished, "morans"!

But that last comment posted to Alternet worries me a great deal. I do fear this supposed "reform" is little more than a token, trojan horse of a reform. The whole point is that it must fail so that we can become good little third world workers.

Cheap labor Republicans are licking their chops at this one. They only lose temporarily. They have placed the debacle of the Bush era aquarely on the shoulders of Democrats centrist enough to do nearly nothing about it and rhetorically willing to take the blame for it too. Obama is constantly owning the crisis in the media. What's the point of that since his policies are going to achieve only the reinflation of the next status quo Wall Street/financial sector bubble?